Domaine de Courcelles


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Unknown
Origin Guadeloupe
Bottler none
Type Traditional Rum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 47%
Sugar Measured
Description Domaine de Courcelles 1972/2014 (47%) bottled by Rhumhouse
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Review by "Serge" Score: 91

You may know about this story, a very old distillery, closed for good a long time ago, some stocks being bought by a private entity, some casks sold to other private entities… And several bottlings that pop out of nowhere every two years, at various strengths. We’ve already tried a few, and liked them all, more or less. But it’s old rhum, you never know… Oh and it’s traditional, not agricole. So from molasses

Nose: Colour: deep gold. Nose: ooh, aah! It is extremely aromatic, and reeks of a warm mirabelle pie covered with acacia honey and cinnamon. Are you hungry yet? I also find whiffs of old roses, grandma’s perfume, old fur coat, rose-flavoured Turkish delights and barley sugar. Yes, barley sugar. And perhaps roasted almonds. And cinnamon cake. It is fabulously aromatic, complex, and old-perfume-like. I also find some fudge (how mundane!)

Palate: Mouth: picks it up with this cinnamon cake – and not just one thin slice – and goes on with other kinds of cakes, a drop of stone berry eau-de-vie (say sorb tree, whatever, it is an almondy spirit), a little bitter orange, a drop of ginger liqueur, and many very tiny herbal and spicy touches. Something Chinese, I’d say, between anise and prunes.

Finish: Finish: quite long, never oaky, sweet, honeyed, cinamonny.

Thoughts: Comments: it’s exceptional old rhum. The strength is perfect. The complexity is astounding. And it goes down so well… Michelangelo’s own booze (and after having quaffed a large measure, he did the Sistine Chapel).

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