Velier Albion 1986


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Demerara Distillers Ltd
Origin Guyana
Bottler Velier
Type Traditional Rum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 60,6%
Sugar Measured
Description aged 25 years in tropical weather, 1 barrel distilled on Wooden Coffey Still in 1986, bottled in february 2011 marks : AW
Review 5


Review by "Lance" Score: 89

Another old bad boy from la Casa Luca, as we continue our sojourn down memory lane with old Veliers. The Albion 1994 17 year old was the first Velier I ever tried and there's still a soft spot in my heart for it. This one, tried three years later, is perhaps not as good. It's certainly older, being bottled in 1986 and it's a weighty, meaty 25 year old...from one barrel. Good luck finding more of this thing. Perhaps only the Albion 1983 is rarer. Note that its actual provenance from Albion is subject to debate since Albion and its still has been shuttered long before 1983 (Marco went into the matter in some depth in his deep essay on Guyanese estates and bottlings). Carl Kanto told me that the still is dissassembled now, but could offer no pointer as to when this happened. Also, the enclosing white box is inconsistent, speaking about a distilling date of 1994, which Luca assures me is a misprint. Colour - Dark amber/mahogany, Strength 60.6%

Nose: Rich and robust, very similar to the Blairmont 1982 (coming next week) and a Caroni (wtf?). Caramel nuttiness and blackberries. Not quite as sweet as the 1982, and with solid, deep notes of camphor balls, coffee and bitter chocolate, some molasses and tons of chopped dark fruit. There's even some weird peatiness winding around the background, and the tarriness of a Caroni is self-evident. Very strange nose here. Good, but unexpected too.

Palate: Much better. Solid, punchy and pungent. Meaty, even. Cinnamon, ginger, more tar and nuts and molasses, anise/licorice, mouthwash and mouldy clothes in an old wardrobe. Oak and leather start to emerge at the tail end...not entirely enthused here. But the rich heaviness of those fruits save it from disaster and lift it back up again, and with the emergence of rich phenols, it parts company with the Blairmont in a big way. Yummy.

Finish: Long and warm, a little dry. Not much new is brought to the party, it's more of the same spicy fruits and cinnamon and licorice; but what there is, is plenty good and aromatic and lasting. No complaints from me.

Thoughts: A bit conflicted on this one. The quality is there, and it adheres to the high standards of the various Veliers, yet somehow I still liked the younger version better. It may be an academic point given its rarity now. Either way, it is still a very good full proof rum and if it doesn't ascend to the heights of others, it does no dishonour to the brand either. And that's a pretty high bar for any contender to beat.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 92

Nose: Couleur cuivrée plus qu'ambrée tellement sa robe à des reflets rougeâtres ; c'est huileux à souhait, gras, une couronne de gouttelettes incalculables apparait et laisse place à des larmes de crocodile en mode slow motion. Au nez c'est c'est excessivement riche, médicinale, ça sent le pneu brûlé, le goudron, le caoutchouc, la rolls des demerara caronisé. Ajoutez-y une mélasse bien sombre, de la réglisse, et même un côté menthe poivrée pour un brun de fraîcheur vivifiant (zeste de citron). L'alcool est très bien intégré.

Palate: La bouche est hyper concentrée, résineuse, sombre et fraiche à la fois, avec un paquet de réglisse, même de zan, mentholé (menthe poivrée), et avec toujours ce pneu/goudron, mais mélangé à des agrumes rafraichissants et acidulés (citron, orange). Une sorte de sirop aux bonbons stoptoux, épicé (poivre).

Finish: La suite est sans fin, toujours avec ce côté goudronneux, résineux qui n'en finit plus, et cette réglisse sucrée qui restera en bouche durant de longues minutes (heures?) après la dégustation...

Thoughts: Un Albion dans toute sa splendeur, goudronneux et profond, comme dit plus haut sûrement le rhum qui peut concilier à merveille les amateurs de demerara et ceux de caroni. Extreme et sûrement écoeurant mais ce n'est pas un rhum dont il faut abuser de toute manière. Si vous toussiez avant la dégustation de ce rhum, vous pouvez être sûr d'être guéri après quelques cl... malheureusement pas (encore) remboursé par la sécu.

Review by "Serge" Score: 91

Distilled in a coffey still. I love Albion! Colour: amber. Nose: ah, Albion! More complex and, above all, much more phenolic than the Blairmont. Think motor oil, turpentine, tar liqueur, tyres, molasses and then rosehip and lilac.

Nose: What a profound nose! With water: even more of all that and wheelbarrows of liquorice. I love this tarry profile.

Palate: It’s fruit syrup in the attack (lemon, oranges, cranberries) then liquid tar and sap. Some pepper too, cloves… Again, I love this even if it’s rather simpler than on the nose. With water: cough syrup plus cough syrup and a lot of cough syrup. Add a few cough drops…

Finish: Very long, on the same notes, more or less. A phenolic, resinous aftertaste

Thoughts: Big stuff and I cannot not think of some old Ardbeg ex-first fill sherry, all things considered.

Review by "Marco" Score: 88

An old rum style, which has once need distilled on the Albion estate. The style AW but is not the original style of Albion. This here was made in 1986 with the wooden Enmore Coffey still. Colour: Dark amber.

Nose: Slight adhesive nose. Then oak aromas, anise and vanilla. Old leather and tobacco leaves. Almost no sweetness present in the nose. After some time you can smell exotic fruits, including mangoes and unripe bananas. In the background lurks black tea. For 60.6% it is very compact. With water I smell now more black tea and anise than before. The adhesive nose has disappeared. I smell mangoes and papayas. The fruit has gained some strength. Weak smoke and old leather in the background of the odor profile. Anise and oak flavours are detectable a bit further away from the glass.

Palate: With water I smell now more black tea and anise than before. The adhesive nose has disappeared. I smell mangoes and papayas. The fruit has gained some strength. Weak smoke and old leather in the background of the odor profile. Anise and oak flavours are detectable a bit further away from the glass. With water the rum is gently and only burning weakly on the palate. The sweetness has gained the upper hand over the bitterness. It also tasted salty now. Less fruit than before. Also more iodine, smoke and leather. The water has definitely opened up the rum a bit.

Finish: First, the finish starts with dark spices, paired with fruit. Then flashes of anise and black tea. No bitterness. With water also only dark spices, interwoven with fruits. Then come oak aromas and leather. Finally iodine and anise are noticeable in the end.

Thoughts: A very memorable rum and when it comes to style, so far a unique rarity.

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