Velier Caroni 1982-2006 24 YO Full Proof Heavy Rum


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Caroni
Origin Trinidad and Tobago
Bottler Velier
Type Single Blended Rum (Pot + Column from the same distillery)
Alcohol By Volume 58.3%
Sugar Measured 0 g/L
Description Full Proof Heavy Trinidad Rum, stock of 15 drums, bottles produced: 4 600
Review 5


Review by "Lance" Score: 89

Another Velier, one from Caroni, and like the 1985, also bottled in 2006, though two years older. My background notes say 4600 bottles issued from 15 barrels and handsomely issued at 58.3%. What else can I tell you about Caroni you don't already know? Probably nothing, so let's move on. Colour - Dark amber

Nose: The 1985 was great, and this one raises the bar a smidgen. With these old, bold rums, sometimes the oak takes charge too aggressively...not here. Toasted nuts, almonds and caramel lead off. Raisins and black grapes shoulder those aside after a while. There's a chirpy little citrus note coiling in the background, plus more fruits and some tar...but I was oddly reminded of the UF30E, for some reason, as I sampled this rum.

Palate: Yeah, here comes the flexing musclebeach of the Caroni profile kicking sand in your face. Warm and pungent and heavy; thick, almost chewy to taste, coats the mouth very well. Caramel, molasses and tar trumpet their arrival. All the hits are playing, loudly. With water, more raisins and grapes, vanilla beans, chopped dark dried fruit, ginger, unripe mangos, that citrus again...and over the half hour or so I spent with this rum, it got slightly crisper, even cleaner, in a way that enhanced, not detracted from, the overall sensation.

Finish: Long, heated, deep, a little dry. Invites savouring. Closing notes of tar, some teriyaki and ginger, vanilla, leather and molasses.

Thoughts: I've had quite a few Caronis now, and they are all sprigs off the same tree. These are rums that benefit from higher proofs - the tastes are brought out in a way that diluting down to 40% would harm, rather than improve. Whatever the case, this is one of the better ones for sure, and with that many bottles in issue, it's likely that it can still be found somewhere. if one searches. At least we can hope so.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 85

Nose: Un Caroni de 24 ans en version fullproof ça ne peut décemment pas être mauvais! Une robe grasse, ambrée soutenue aux reflets cuivrés, qui laisse entrevoir d'énormes larmes.. Au nez, ce n'est pas si 'heavy' que ça, et c'est même très agréable pour 58,3° : on retrouve la touche Caroni mais sans lourdeur, goudronné mais pas trop, avec du cuir, de la vanille, du caramel, du tabac, du massepain et des fruits mûrs (bananes) pour une belle complexité et un rhum savamment équilibré. Le repos apporte une note chocolatée très agréable, mélangée à la mélasse, et un peu de café.

Palate: La bouche est puissante, tonique et tannique, sur le chêne, la réglisse, le clou de girofle, avec une amertume assumée mais plutot bien équilibré. Un côté végétal (herbe) et toujours ce goudron qui accompagne la dégustation, salé et mélangé à des olives vertes.

Finish: La finale est excessivement longue et persistante, une nouvelle fois sur le boisé, le goudron et les épices.

Thoughts: Un Caroni caractériel, bad boy, un rhum de charpentier, au nez superbe et à la bouche charpentée et boisée. Âme sensible s'abstenir.

Review by "Serge" Score: 85

Does this one really need an introduction? Colour: dark amber/coffee.

Nose: Well, it’s not the heaviest Caroni ever. I don’t know if the fifteen drums they’ve vatted were all ‘light’, or all ‘heavy’, or a mix, but what’s sure is that this nose is relatively gentle, not phenolic to the max at all, and rather all on chocolate cake, praline, dark tobacco (I think you call that maduro), and then plenty of dried bananas – without becoming heady at all. I have to say balance is perfect, and it does make me think of some old agricole of high quality. With water: yes, just perfect. Coffee/tequila? Love these earthy touches too, it gets more ‘heavy’ now.

Palate: High oak impact, and yet it’s balanced and elegant. That’s because it’s rather liquorice, pinesap and honeydew that play first parts, which gives this baby a feeling of oak-aged chartreuse that I really love. There is also a little salt, olives, tarmac, burnt herbs and all that, but never quite like in a ‘heaviest’ Caroni. With water: oak oak oak, and oak. And yet, I find this feeling of quaffing walnut stain pretty pleasant. Maybe I should have embarked on wood-related careers. Like, carpenter.

Finish: Long, very oaky, and yet, as I said…

Thoughts: Pretty extreme. The nose was superb, the palate was great, but water brought out a whole oak tree. Careful!

Review by "Marco" Score: 88

The Caroni Distillery was shut down together with the sugar industry in 2003 by government decision. They wanted to end the losses accumulated from the sugarcane business and since the rum distillery was not a completely separate company, it was also closed and lost. This bottling is from 1982 and consisted of 4600 bottles. Colour: Very dark amber.

Nose: First you can smell a pungent adhesive nose, garnished with light floral aromas and tar interwoven with oak from the barrel. Further away from the glass you can smell fine vanilla and subtle spices. Leather, toffee, sweet caramel and bitter herbs are smellable when you dive your nose deep into the glass. When it comes to fruits I do only smell weak papayas, which were topped with butter and a touch of ripe bananas. The alcohol burns very easily in the nose. With water the adhesive nose disappears. Now you can smell star anise, floral aromas and strong tar. Again fine vanilla, but this time combined with tar. Deep in the glass dominates the star anise. Again old leather, toffee and caramel. Oak aromas are found more in the background of the flavour-profile. After a swing of the glass you can smell even tobacco. The rum has zero fruit, but strong spices flavours. The nose is now slightly sweet and the alcohol almost no longer burns.

Palate: A slight sweetness is flooding the mouth. The rum burns on the tongue. Then you can taste wonderful aromas of tar and flowers. Also oak and a slight bitterness now come to the fore. After some time, the rum becomes slightly acidic. The cask aromas are very present. Again star anise and cloves. In the background lurk minerals and bitter herbs. After a minute, you can taste buttery tar. The rum is slightly bitter. With water the rum is now significantly more gentle and burns very little on the tongue. Tar, oak and flowers are the first impressions. Again the Rum tastes slightly bitter. Finally there is more fruit on the palate. Apricots and currants. Again star anise and spices. The rum has benefited from the dilution. Again I taste caramel and toffee from the barrel. After about one minute the tar and floral aromas are still strongly present.

Finish: Strong aromas of tar, oak and flowers. Then apricots are flashing up. This is followed by a slight bitterness. With water again tar and oak flavors. Then a slight bitterness. It is not too dominant. Then herbs and anise. Tar and flowers are staying very long in the mouth.

Thoughts: An old school "dirty" Caroni with good cask influence. Although the barrel flavors are already well in place, but the rum is still quite good and was not destroyed.

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