Velier Port Mourant 1974


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Demerara Distillers Ltd
Origin Guyana
Bottler Velier
Type Pure Single Rum (100% pot still)
Alcohol By Volume 54,5%
Sugar Measured
Description Aged 34 years in continental climate 2 barrels distilled in a Pot Still on 18 september 1974, bottled in March 2008 aged in Guyana and Great Britain 364 bottles produced marks : PM
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Review by "Lance" Score: 90

The Velier retrospectives continue. So sad they're out of production, and that DDL aren't letting Luca take any more barrels from their old stocks. The dinosaurs like this one continue to be collector's items...the good Lord only knows where the 1972 is at these days. I last looked at this lovely rum back in 2013, when I was able to get a bottle into Calgary (bought in 2012, don't get me started on the headaches that took), and its rep has only grown since then. Colour - mahogany

Nose: Just lovely, so very distinctive. The DDL Single Barrel PM is both younger and less intense, and showcases what they could do if they had the courage Velier displayed here. Cardboard, anise, cherries and prunes lead off. That characteristic dark licorice and raisins emerge over time, even the tang of some balsamic vinegar, and wafting through all that is the smell of musty old books. That may not sound appealing, but trust me on is.

Palate: All we have expected, all we have been led to await, comes straight to the fore here. It's like all PMs ever made, just a bit boosted and with a character just individual enough to be its own. Heated and a little jagged, smoothening out only after a few minutes. Licorice, tar and the fruity mix inside a dark black cake. Part of what makes this rum so impressive is the overall texture - luscious may under-describe how well the PM melds on the tongue. With water, some sweetness creeps slyly in, caramel and toffee and cinnamon emerge, and though it is somewhat dry, what we are left with is the fruits, the wood, the tar, the magical amalgam that spells Port Mourant.

Finish: Less succulent than I's a little bit dry, and very nicely heated. Even at 54.5% (which may be the perfect strength for what has been bottled), the fade goes on for ages, leaving some cinnamon, anise, light brown sugar and almonds to remind you to have some more.

Thoughts: A solid, fantastic old rum, one of those aged offerings that sets its own standards, and against which other PMs are measured. I'd never say no to another bottle, or even another taste. And I'll never stop complaining to DDL that this is where they should put some effort.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 94

Deux fûts (pour 364 bouteilles) ont été embouteillés en 2005 à 54,5°. Il est à noter qu’il existe aussi chez Velier un millésime 1972 et 1975, tous vieillis en grande partie en Europe. Pour la petite histoire, c’est Yesu Perseaud qui poussa Luca Gargano à l’époque à retrouver ces rhums, soi disant des millésimes exceptionnels.

Nose: La robe de ce 1974 est acajou, tirant sur le rubis, avec une robe grasse, marquée par la présence d’un disque en surface et de paresseuses larmes, pas pressées du tout de toucher le fond. Le nez délivre sans surprise pas mal de mélasse, et plus étrangement un côté médicinal que je ne connaissais pas à Port Mourant. De la papaye, de l’orange sanguine, de la cerise pour les fruits, de la noix fraîche, du chocolat amer et du pruneau. Un nez aigre-doux, où on retrouve la réglisse, indissociable et intemporelle, et des épices plutôt douces (girofle). La touche PM est moins en avant que sur les autres rhums, tapie dans l’ombre mais bien présente. Nez très complexe et excessivement bien équilibré.

Palate: La bouche est concentrée et plutôt douce et sucrée, sur les fruits secs épicés, mélangés à la mélasse bien noire, la réglisse, du thé et des épices. Le chêne n’en fait pas trop et la sensation est très agréable, complexe et très bien équilibrée. On retrouve aussi du cuir, et un côté iodé qui exulte les arômes. Du grandiose.

Finish: La fin de bouche est excessivement longue, toujours avec ce petit côté doux, sucré/salé (fruits secs/iode), et la réglisse, le tabac, et le chêne qui a la bonne idée de ne toujours pas en faire de trop, une nouvelle fois. Les épices reviennent (girofle) et le rhum laissera un long souvenir de son passage.

Thoughts: Un rhum aussi vieux et sans empreinte massive de chêne, c’est un coup magistral, une véritable leçon… Unique.

Review by "Serge" Score: 89

I know, I’m looking for trouble as far as oak’s concerned, but who could resist one of these truly rare old Demeraras? Especially when it was distilled in some of these legendary wooden pot stills? What’s more, some 1975s by Velier have been high in my book, and a 1974 by Berry Bros has been high as well. So… Colour: coffee. This starts well.

Nose: Unusual for sure. Church incense, perhaps? Or visiting an old Buddhist temple somewhere in great China? And burnt oak, tapenade (I’ll explain it again, tapenade is a Provençal thing that blends anchovies, capers, and olives. Explosive and very tasty). So, tapenade, walnut stain again, bitter chocolate, a bag of prunes, charcoal, black pipe tobacco, tar and liquorice… And behind that tarry and very ‘dark’ wall, a few oranges. An experience. With water: yeah, brine! And black olives, a little concrete dust, coffee… and, there, big and vivid, dried porcinis.

Palate: I didn’t know you could distil pu-erh tea. And that someone would add burnt sugar, black olives, salmiak, some salt, and some tobacco to the juice. Thick, heavy, rich, invasive… Totally coats your palate. Perhaps a wee bit tiring, but we have got sufficient stamina to stand that, haven’t we. With water: black olives, tobacco, salted fish (that would be anchovies again), tarry liquorice, and, above everything, not too much oak.

Finish: Very long, pleasantly tannic, salty, with dried fruits (it was about time), tobacco, liquorice, bitter oranges… and walnut stain. I mean, a feeling of walnut stain, we do not quaff walnut stain every other evening as if there was no tomorrow.

Thoughts: I guess you could call this ‘heavy rum’, or perhaps even ‘old navy rum’. Sometimes as subtle as a sledgehammer, but I simply love this rather un-sweet style. Life is short, you know.

Review by "Marco" Score: 93

A very old rum from the Port Mourant Still of 1974. At that time she was already in Uitvlugt and the Port Mourant Distillery no longer existed. However, the style PM lives on in the Diamond Distillery. Colour: Dark amber with reddish hues.

Nose: Strong aromas of molasses, interwoven with plum compote and iodine dominate the glass. The rum has a slightly medicinal touch. I also smell tobacco and a subtle sweetness. Even fruits such as ripe bananas and papayas caress the nose. The alcohol burns at the beginning slightly. After a long time this burning disappears. Anise and oak aromas of Port Mourant are hidden more in the background. Also I can smell cloves and caramel. The nose is very complex. It is a coloured Demerara.

Palate: Molasses, black tea and cloves flood the entire mouth with their presence. The rum is weakly burning at the beginning. After a few seconds you can taste plum compote. The rum is slightly sweet. However, this sweetness will disappear after some time and black tea, anise and oak flavors are coming to the fore. Fruits like papayas, iodine, tobacco and old leather from the barrel. After the 2nd sip the rum tastes slightly salty now. Tar and sweet tobacco are now more more present. A very complex rum.

Finish: First again molasses and black tea. Then tobacco and cloves. Towards the end the rum is getting slightly bitter. Cloves and bitter flavors are remaining on the palate.

Thoughts: One of the best Demerara rums that I ever had the pleasure to enjoy. It was a very good vintage. Also the barrel influence was not too strong. Truly memorable.

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