Velier Uitvlugt UF30E 1985


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Demerara Distillers Ltd
Origin Guyana
Bottler Velier
Type Traditional Rum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 60,7%
Sugar Measured 0 g/L
Description Aged 27 years in tropical weather distilled 1985, bottled 2012 from 3 barrels (814 bottles produced)
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Review by "Henrik" Score: 96

Nose: Pulling the cork, you have to brace yourself, as the fumes start to assault your sense immediately. Something huge is coming. Huge, rich, voluptuous molasses. Draped in fat honey and liquid liquorice, which flows around the molasses core. A cornucopia of dried dates and figs, as well as prunes and huge, juicy raisins. Underneath it all a floor of soft oaks with a little tannic sting and a carpet of sweet cinnamon rolls. Absolutely stunning.

Palate: First it introduces itself with huge molasses, liquorice and juice raisins.Then without warning it sets of a thermonuclear bomb of heat and flavours. At first, the initial trinity of flavours expands violently. Then massive, intense warmth, which help the entire expression to grow to a massive size. Then came an added layer of sweet marmalades made from cherries, apricots, blackberries and raspberries. Then spice. Cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and white pepper. Thinking that it couldn’t get any deeper, I was treated with a layer of leather and smoke, before realising there was also some really juice green apples and even a little orange in there. Getting closer to the end, some honey and roasted oak to add another dimension, with just enough tannic bite to make it a little dry. And then, at the very bottom of this insane dive, the dried fruits extravaganza from the nose. Mind blowing.

Finish: It just goes on forever. The huge explosion slowly dies out, but it takes its time to go through a fading reprise of every single scent and flavour presented to you so far. When the fade stops just short of a complete disappearance, you are left with such a pleasant aftertaste of sweet liquorice, soft oak and blackberry jam, that you really don’t want to eat or drink anything else as long as it’s there. And it will stay there for long. 15-20 minutes go by in a hurry when you sit back and savour the moment after downing your first sip.

Thoughts: It is just so tasty, so beautiful, that you can’t really be disturbed. And you mustn’t. A rum of this magnitude deserves a lot of attention, presence and respect. A true singularity in the universe of rum.

Review by "Lance" Score: 92

UF30E is a bit "young" for inclusion into the Rumaniacs pantheon, but it is out of production, so let's have it. The code stands for Uitvlugt Field #30 East, or some such, which would puzzle even someone from Mudland (like, umm...well, me). Never mind. With an outturn of 814 bottles from three barrels, it remains one of the best rums from Velier I've ever sampled. And while I thought had overpraised it back in 2013, it turns out I may have sold it short, given others' responses to it in the years between then and now. Colour - darkish amber

Nose: Nothing changed between then and's still amazing. Heated, dark, viscous, heavy on the nose, molasses, prunes, dark chopped fruit, blackcurrants, dates, and black cake. After opening somewhat, these opening salvoes were followed by lighter tones of flowers, chocolate, some anise. Rich and powerful and not at all astringent or bitchy.

Palate: The balance of the various components competing for your olfactory and labial attention is extraordinary. The Velier PM 1974 is fantastic too, but for different reasons, and something of a one-trick pony in comparison to the sheer variety that was going on here: sweet and salt, teriyaki chicken (minus the bird but with all the veg), molasses, more fruits, green apples, a little smoke and leather and aromatic cigarillos, and those aromatic hints of what, rosewater? orange juice? Whatever it was, it was great. Even 60.7%, which would normally scare the trees into shedding their autumn leaves, was remarkably well handled. You got hit with the power, didn't mind it, is all.

Finish: Sums up everything that has come before. Long, lasting and pungent, not dry. Nuts, flowers, some sweet soya, molasses, a shade of caramel. The thing doesn't want to leave, honestly.

Thoughts: Brilliant all-round rum which pushes all the right buttons for me. Still makes me regret I didn't buy more when I had the chance. Since it was issued back in 2011 with a reasonable outturn, it's probably more than likely it's still available somewhere.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 93

Nose: Cette jeune fille de 27 ans arbore une très belle robe acajou foncé tirant sur le rouge, et ses jambes, longues et épaisses, semblent rester suspendues une éternité et se figer avant de redescendre tout doucement, très lentement, sensuellement, vers le fond. On peut distinguer en surface le disque vert caractéristique des -très- vieux rhums, flottant comme une dentelle au vent. Le parfum qui se dégage est à tomber par terre, une force aromatique remarquable : une douce odeur boisée et épicée, légèrement fumée, chargée et épaisse, sans tricherie : à l’odeur, on ne peut pas nier les 27 ans de vieillissement et de maturité. Le boisé est concentré et mêle les épices et les fruits secs dans un ensemble exquis : du raisin, de la prune, du fruit rouge aussi, réchauffés par des notes de réglisse, de clou de girofle, de chocolat. Plus on attend et plus on découvre de nouveaux arômes.

Palate: En bouche, c’est un liquide lourd et sirupeux qui frappe littéralement les sens et qui enveloppe la langue, le palais, et tapisse l’intérieur en quelques secondes. On s’attend à quelque chose de rugueux et puissant mais l’attaque est incroyablement souple et lisse, même si la note d’alcool est bien présente (bien plus qu’au nez). De la réglisse et des épices (cannelle, gingembre) éclatent en bouche, des fruits secs dansent sur la langue, le raisin est toujours là et le boisé se fait plus rude et nous rappelle une nouvelle fois le poids de ses années, mais sans gâcher la bouche. Des notes plus exotiques (agrumes) apparaissent ici et là.

Finish: infiniment long et aromatique, donnant l’impression que le rhum nous réchauffe la gorge pendant plusieurs minutes. Et le pire c’est qu’il n’y a rien de surprenant au vu du début de la dégustation, tout n’est qu’une suite logique et parfaite, pas de défaut ni d’erreur de parcours. Le final ne peut et ne doit pas être différent.

Thoughts: Un rhum d’une richesse ahurissante et on ne peut qu’être ébahi par la somme d’arômes qui se dégage en si peu de temps, et dans une telle maîtrise que seul le temps peut orchestrer. C’est un nectar, un jus concentré, mais qui reste à la fois bien vivant et qui s’avère même d’une belle fraîcheur.

Review by "Serge" Score: 87

This was distilled from 'single field' sugarcane harvested at Uitvlugt in field number '30 East'. They had filled only 27 barrels and this is a vatting of the three remaining casks - after ullage I guess (as the angel's share over the 27 years has been higher than 90%). This rum matured entirely under tropical climate - as opposed to rums that are shipped to the UK before further ageing, for example. Colour: dark amber.

Nose: Within the Demerara style, this is the exact opposite of the 1998. There's much more spicy oak, sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves, liquorice, prunes, orange marmalade, touches of rosewater, raisins… and then even more prunes. Rich and concentrated. With water: became very meaty and earthy, almost gamey. Cured ham kept in a cigar humidor (and why not, I ask you?) Then more, many more raisins, esp. sultanas.

Palate: Sweet, rich but not as cloying as other heavy rums, with a loud oakiness that goes well with this luscious profile. Many spices and dried fruits, jams, more prunes, pipe tobacco… In short, heavy but elegant. With water: just goes on with a little more pepper.

Finish: Very long, a tad tannic and a little gritty…

Thoughts: I simply love this style, which displays very sweet notes but without the lumpiness that can be found in dark rums from other parts of the Caribbean and northeast South America.

Review by "Marco" Score: 88

A rum from the Uitvlugt Distillery. The mark means nothing special but is a field coordinate where the sugar-cane for this rum was grown (Uitvlugt 30° East). There is no exactly information given on the label, but I do know that this one was distilled with a French Savalle Still. Colour: Dark amber with reddish hues.

Nose: Strong adhesive nose in the glass. I smell smoke and minimal oak aromas. Also cinnamon, toffee and caramel from the barrel is in the nose. Tucked away in the background are lurking tart herbs. Also old tobacco leaves, cloves and other spices dark are in this mix. In the background hides a faint sharp smell. Last I recognize is iodine. The nose is slightly sweet.

Palate: The Rum tastes slightly sweet at first. Then anise & black tea is flooding the palate. The rum burns only lightly on the tongue. Gradually salt, smoke, iodine and cinnamon are becoming more present. The maturation of the rum is very high. I also taste bitter caramel and tobacco leaves. Even spices and cloves are there again. Oak flavors from the barrel are rounding up the flavor profile.

Finish: The aftertaste has a slightly herbal taste. Then oak flavors and cinnamon. Slowly, the bitterness from the barrel makes itself more present. Unfortunately, I taste no fruit. Again leather, toffee and coffee flavors.

Thoughts: A very old rum from the Uitvlugt Distillery, which was, however, already strongly influenced by the barrel flavours. But it is still better than any of the sugary El-Dorado blends. This is a more mature version of the Uitvlugt 1988 and 1997. I would still prefer something younger and fresher.

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