Rumaniacs - The Beginning

Rumaniacs - The Beginning

We warmly welcome you to our relatively new domain. You found this website either because of rumors, links of our members or by means of a search engine. We, the Rumaniacs, are a relatively new group within the world of rum. We consist exclusively of amateurs and are only one voice of many. The exact details about us and the our purpose of our creation can be found in the “About”-Section. Please take your time and take a thorough look. Go and have a look at our reviews or the "classification"-section to get a better picture of us and our “vision” of rum. We want to emphasize that we are not an expert group or a panel of experts. We do not give any awards or medals to rum bottling's. If you are looking for something like this, then you have found the wrong corner of the internet. We want to emphasize the fact that our view is only one of many within the entire world of rum.

Have fun!


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